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Dila Datt Pant

Dila Datt Pant is a governance professional, currently working as a Parliament outreach expert with the Parliament Support Project of the United Nations Development Programme in Nepal. His primary responsibilities include promoting Sustainable Development Goals, the rule of law, and parliamentary openness. He regularly engages and supports parliamentary committees for promoting fundamental freedoms and participatory lawmaking, and he facilitates the oversight functions of parliamentary committees, particularly in cases of human rights violations and on urgent policy issues of parliamentary discourse. He holds an MEd, an MA in journalism, and an LLM with specialization in international law. Dila was a SUSI Fellow Awardee of the U.S. Department of State and University of California in the Religious Studies and Civic Space category in 2016.

Dila’s interdisciplinary academic background coupled with his experience with the UN’s mission in Nepal, TV and radio, parliaments, and the Supreme Court of Nepal have allowed him to contribute substantively toward promoting peace, human rights, and the rule of law in Nepal. He also has extensive experience working with faith-based organizations and with CSOs/NGOs to promote the rights of those deprived and discriminated against in various ways. He has a keen interest in studying the interface between religion and peace and analyzing how one impacts the other.

Dila has translated and edited more than a dozen publications related to constitutional and fundamental rights. He has authored and co-authored books and wrote his LLM thesis on international humanitarian law and Hinduism. He has presented in regional religious symposia and in law classes, focusing on legislative reforms and the right to freedom of religion.