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Dalibor Đukić

Dalibor Đukić is an associate professor of Church Law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, Republic of Serbia. His research focuses on the international and constitutional protection of religious freedom, the legal status of religions, state-religious relations, the internal organization of Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the history of religious law. He studied theology in Greece and law in Serbia. He holds a PhD from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, a master’s degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Theology, and an LLM from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. With his specific interest in interdisciplinarity, Dalibor teaches several courses in the interdisciplinary master’s program of the University of Belgrade titled Religion in Society, Culture, and European Integration. He has published peer- reviewed academic articles in law journals, book chapters, and books discussing the challenges of religious freedom protection and the legal status of religions.